Anshuman Ghosh, aka @moography, fait de délicieuses illusions de papier qui transcendent la photographie de téléphone.

Initialement attiré par la photographie street art, l’artiste visuel Anshuman Ghosh, aka, @moography, a été frustré par le médium en raison de son entrave à la réalité. Dans une déclaration sur le blog d’Instagram, Ghosh dit qu’il « voulait créer quelque chose qui était une fusion entre ce qui était réel et ce qui ne l’était pas ». Il a donc développé une technique qu’il appelle « cadrage de téléphone » qui implique l’utilisation de papier découpé et un iPhone pour créer des illusions d’optique adorables qui jouent avec les limites de l’écran du téléphone.

Ghosh croque une idée sur le papier, qu’il découpe alors et arrange autour du cadre de son téléphone. La façon dont il fait chevaucher ses dessins avec l’image projetée sur son téléphone crée une illusion visuelle transparente et claire, brouillant les lignes entre le monde physique et numérique. Beaucoup de ses articles sont liés à la nourriture, mais le moyen permet des variations infinies. Dans ses publications, vous verrez que Ghosh fait tout pour retirer un sushi et placer un dossier dans un classeur.

Wouldn't it be awesome if iOS came with a file explorer similar to Finder on OSX? With the two iPad Pros having joined the family, it would be kinda awesome to have an iOS Pro as well with added functionality like access to a file explorer etc right? What do you think? It was this thought that inspired this artwork. It's another one of my 3D artworks although I am not 100% happy with the end product – I don't think the artwork has enough depth for it to come through as "3D". But I am learning with each artwork and hopefully the next piece will be better than this one! On a separate note, a special thank you to all my friends who responded with their thoughts, well wishes and ideas on my last post – it really means a lot to me. Between the supply of creative ideas from all of you and being put on the Suggested Users List once again by @Instagram, I can start to feel the creative juices flowing again. Onward and forward. #artwork #arts_gallery #filing #apple #ios

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But what about second breakfast 🍳? #eggs #breakfast #arts_gallery #artworks

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It's time to #CreateWithMoo! See this image? What happens next? I have teamed up with the folks at MyiStore (@iphoneographysa) to bring you this exciting new series. This artwork will evolve with your ideas so you need to tell us what will happen next! Be creative, quirky, think about Apple products and how they fit in to your life. So head on over to the MyiStore Facebook page (link is in my profile 👆🏻) and share your crazy ideas. You have until Wednesday at noon to tell us your version of the story – I​ will select a submission and then incorporate the idea into the artwork by illustrating it using my #iPadPro! Tune in again next week to see how the artwork evolves with your winning ideas! Looking forward to your stories! Let's work together and create something amazing! #art #artwork #arts_gallery

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@googlemaps | Keeping me from getting lost since 2007 😂! While I love my mapping apps and the convenience that they bring, I often miss the tactile sensation of good ol' paper maps. Don't get me wrong – I am an early adopter when it comes to technology and I love how digital maps have changed the world but there is something about flipping through the pages of a map book and figuring out (what you think) is the quickest way to reach a place. Not to forget, opening a giant map and burying your head in it pretending to read while all you are doing is really keeping your co-passenger from seeing your clueless and fright-ridden face 😂! Thanks to mapping apps, the humiliation is now often more public! #googlemaps #arts_gallery #artworks

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Vous pouvez consulter d’autres œuvres d’Anshuman Ghosh sur son site Web et Instagram.

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