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@midlifeinparis, le compte Instagram qui vous fera voir Paris différemment

Un million d’histoires dans une seule métropole racontées en un million de façons différentes, voici le style de Kevin M Dolman, l’homme qui se cache derrière compte Instagram @midlifeinparis.

Passionné de photo, il a ouvert son compte Instagram à plus de 27 000 abonnés ainsi qu’un blog où il retranscrit l’histoire de chaque photo. L’américain, agé d’une cinquantaine d’années, a appris la photo seul dans les rues de Paris, où il a déménagé il y a 4 ans.

Ces photos sont tellement touchantes et empruntes de douceur qu’elles nous font voir Paris sous un autre angle. En l’espace de quelques clics, Kevin M Dolman nous fait voyager sans bouger de notre canapé.

Son talent n’est pas passé inaperçu puisque ses clichés seront exposés à l’occasion d’un vernissage photo aux Folies Bergères à la mi-janvier; aux côtés de deux autres artistes.

“République Reunion” | 2018.01.02 Embrace the New Year! Place de la République is one of the city’s main nerve centers; a huge plaza that joins 6 major boulevards, 5 metro transit lines, and – in this instance – 2 longing hearts. From an aesthetic perspective the square is rife with Parisian imagery: Métro signage, Haussmann structures, presse kiosques, a dominating statue of Marianne leading the revolution, and makeshift memorials to those who have passed in the pursuit of liberté, égalité, fraternité…but an anxious lover notices none of this. His eyes seek only his amour who first ascends the stairs, then climbs into his arms, and now brings a smile to our lips. The media tends to present République only when it flows with angry protests or mournful rallies…let us never forget that there is also joy.

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“Acheteuse Attitude” | 2017.12.28 As the holiday season winds down, we sadly bid adieu to all the joy and celebration….but also breathe relief at shedding its accompanying stress. After a December full of travel, social commitments, family time, and shopping-shopping-shopping we can all identify with the building frustration expressed in this image. They’ve had a long and successful day in the shops along Rue de Rivoli…but with full sacs at their feet and tension in the air, it seems tempers may be about to flair; it can happen even between the closest of us. Hopefully she will relax, have some champagne, sample some chocolate mousse, and try on one of her lovely new outfits. It’s Paris, after all! Come to think of it, that’s a good prescription for us all this weekend. Enjoy. _____________________________________ #challengerstreets, #life_is_Street, #streetleaks, #street_perfection, #everybodystreet, #Streetlife_Award, #ig_street, #lensculture, #lensculturestreets,  #magnumphotos, #hikaricreative, #apfmagazine, #TASCHEN,  #burnmagazine , #SPiCollective, #pariscartepostale, #streets_storytelling,  #streetdreamsmag, #ourstreets, #seemyparis, #thestreetphotographyhub, #seulementparis, #super_france, #topparisphoto, #VivreParis, #ParisCityVision, #travelwriter, #friendsinperson, #people_infinity, #parisianplanet

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“Atteindre la Tour” | 2017.12.18 Paris is an ancient town that continues to enchant the young. Her family came to France expecting Disney to charm the children, but one afternoon on l’Île de la Cité introduced this adorable fille to a truly magical kingdom. With Nutella in her veins and a beret upon her tête, she collects souvenirs and memories (pas les mêmes choses en anglais!) of the day she became a Parisienne at heart In the years to come, the young lady will age, the city shall remain the same, and the love affair between them will grow ever stronger. Welcome to the club, ma petite. _____________________________________ #challengerstreets, #life_is_Street, #streetleaks, #street_perfection, #everybodystreet, #Streetlife_Award, #ig_street, #lensculture, #lensculturestreets,  #magnumphotos, #hikaricreative, #apfmagazine, #TASCHEN,  #burnmagazine , #SPiCollective, #pariscartepostale, #streets_storytelling,  #streetdreamsmag, #ourstreets, #seemyparis, #thestreetphotographyhub, #seulementparis, #super_france, #topparisphoto, #VivreParis, #ParisCityVision, #travelwriter, #friendsinperson, #people_infinity, #parisianplanet

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“Wooly Willies” | 2017.12.08 It’s been wet and cold all week in Paris, but grey skies never diminish the city’s allure or the population’s fashionable dignity. In another scene somehow both simple and striking, two distinguished gents chat in inclement conditions while handling a brolly, espresso, and conversation with equal effortless aplomb. The backdrop is classic European architecture, redoubled in a window pane and dimly gleaming in the mist. Perpendicular to the plane of this parley a determined Parisienne approaches, bringing kinetic energy and balance. Beyond her, a storm-shrouded figure supplies further depth and mood. Forgive me. Deconstructing composition can be academic and demystifying, but the atypical power of typical Parisian moments compels dissection of the sorcery; not to sap the magic, but to better understand it. Perhaps such perspective will inspire deeper scrutiny of your world, revealing neglected beauty…or maybe I’m just besotted with this town. Face it, maybe you are too. _____________________________________ #challengerstreets, #life_is_Street, #streetleaks, #street_perfection, #everybodystreet, #Streetlife_Award, #ig_street, #lensculture, #lensculturestreets,  #magnumphotos, #hikaricreative, #apfmagazine, #TASCHEN,  #burnmagazine , #SPiCollective, #pariscartepostale, #streets_storytelling,  #streetdreamsmag, #ourstreets, #seemyparis, #thestreetphotographyhub, #seulementparis, #super_france, #topparisphoto, #VivreParis, #ParisCityVision, #travelwriter, #friendsinperson, #people_infinity, #parisianplanet

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“Wheeled Narcissus” | 2017.11.29 Brazenly blading through tight-packed throngs, the sidewalks of Paris were his slalom. With a bare tattooed torso and blaring tunes, he demanded attention while weaving crazily through the crowd…and even when he paused. Suddenly stopping to don a chemise, he selected a window bearing his beloved reflection plus an array of specs to supply the illusion of a hundred more eyes upon him. Vanity incarnate. There’s no end to the cast of characters on these streets, and never a boring day while strolling them. I snapped a photo, shook my head, and moved along with a smile. For all I know he’s still there, forever admiring the view. _____________________________________ #challengerstreets, #life_is_Street, #streetleaks, #street_perfection, #everybodystreet, #Streetlife_Award, #ig_street, #lensculture, #lensculturestreets,  #magnumphotos, #hikaricreative, #apfmagazine, #TASCHEN,  #burnmagazine , #SPiCollective, #pariscartepostale, #streets_storytelling,  #streetdreamsmag, #ourstreets, #seemyparis, #thestreetphotographyhub, #seulementparis, #super_france, #topparisphoto, #VivreParis, #ParisCityVision, #travelwriter, #friendsinperson, #people_infinity, #parisianplanet

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“Sittin’ On Top Of The World” | 2017.11.24 With Thanksgiving over, deal-seeking Americans are embroiled in the carnivorous capitalistic carnival that is Black Friday; sitting in traffic, fighting for products, and shelling out shekels for material tokens to commemorate Christ’s birthday. Happy holidays! Meanwhile in Paris, it’s business as usual – chilling on a café terrace with dessert and a drink, looking cool and watching the world pass by. Though with this couple, “cool” doesn’t quite cover it. Perhaps ”hyper cool”, “chouette”, “formidable”, “top”, “canon”, or might we need a new word? Forget the vocab, just admire the vibe. Since Lenny Kravitz is not (yet) a follower of this account, I can confidently say you will never be as fleek as this chic duo holding court on a popular corner, but you don’t need to be. Find your own style, your own spot, and your own way to enjoy life…starting with a great weekend.

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“Mille Feuille” | 2017.11.27 Seizing the fleeting peace of a napping child, she mentally escapes motherhood's demands and Parisian pressures via a foliage-filled vantage point in Parc des Buttes Chaumont. Buttes Chaumont is an island of serenity in the midst of urban environs – its surprising confines filled with waterfalls, trees, a lake, a cliff and undulating topography left behind by an excavated quarry. It’s easy to lose one's self and forget you're in the middle of a city, until autumn’s tumbling leaves lower the curtain between worlds…or the child wakes and demands a spin on the manège. Summer is gone but Paname is no less beautiful — like any fashionable Parisienne, she's simply changed her outfit.

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“Man/Go” | 2017.10.27 Where most cities feature a single shopping district, this consumer paradise requires countless commercial areas to meet its customers’ needs. Then again, Paris is not most cities. The Latin Quarter is a tangled warren of uber-chic boutiques, Champs-Élysées a massive gauntlet of global super-brands, Place Madeleine is ringed by high-end designers and gourmet purveyors…but it is along Boulevard Haussmann that two of the world’s premier department stores amazingly sit side-by-side. With Galleries Lafayette et Printemps residing restlessly together, the connecting sidewalks are predictably chaotic. Myriad languages, customs, and tour groups collide while toting bags and licking windows in a dizzying capitalist frenzy…yet amidst this bourgeois rabble, a few manage to stand out. Cool, focused, and fashionable, our subject prowls this public catwalk shrouded in smoke, untouched by the mayhem – let the pikers gawk and gape, this lad is on a mission.

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“Wading on a Friend” | 2017.10.13 With summer temps paying a final call on Paris this weekend, a flashback from earlier in l'été seems apropos. The city’s ancient wiring and realistic energy prices render air conditioning unattainable for most Parisian households, so canicules compel drastic measures for Parigots seeking comfort. Café tables are suddenly coveted in the shade (topped with lemonade in lieu of coffee), flirting is conducted with far less vigor, parks remain open all night allowing families to sleep in the open air, and decorative fountains are inevitably commandeered for far more practical purposes. Just ask this young Parisienne. Aristocrats who once monopolized the genteel Place des Vosges would never have tolerated half-naked commoners splashing through their garden, but the social order and global climate have changed enough to make such insolence commonplace today. The setting remains distinctly elegant – red bricks, green foliage, impressive ornamentation – but is humanized by a tender moment between a father and daughter who shan’t be punished by the Roi Soleil, only the sun itself.

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