Avec une « passion en pâtisserie » autoproclamée, l’artiste culinaire Ksenia Penkina fabrique des gâteaux aussi amusants à regarder qu’à déguster. 

ANSWER to the question from a previous post 📌 It was so much joy for me to see your participation and thank you all ❤️To clarify, I was talking about most common comments around ALL social pages: instagram, facebook and many more third party pages. Each pages has its specific comments and discussions. One of the most popular comments is about wastage of the leftover glaze. There are paragraphs of discussions, people fighting, people crying, people trying to blindly judge, cursing on one another 😂 while discussing how wasteful glazing is 😬 oh well, let me clarify it here, in a tiny post, at least someone will read and have a peaceful sleep tonight 😆 Something you could not have noticed before, every time the glazing is done, you will see a clear plastic wrap on the table. As soon as the cake is glazed, you simply roll up the plastic with excess glaze and squeeze back to the cup until the last drop. Simple and so easy. Blend again and glaze another cake (or store for future glazing). No wasting please☝🏻 🥇One of the first who guessed it right was @adrbelt (instagram) and Armi Jakola (facebook). Many more had the same guess, good job to everyone ❤️

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Penkina crée ses gâteaux en mousse captivants dans un assortiment de tailles et de styles. Même s’ils vont des gâteaux traditionnels à plusieurs étages aux petits gâteaux en forme de botte, ils ont tous une chose en commun: une quantité généreuse de glaçage brillant. Souvent marbré et multicolore, cet enrobage à base de gélatine vient arroser sur les desserts spongieux avec des techniques différentes de coulée, assurant un gâteau unique en son genre à chaque fois.

Finally I have posted this pre view video for my "Entry Level" Online Class. It is available to everyone with no or little experience on my web site kseniapenkina.com (link in profile) 🌎 This unique opportunity to create mousse cake, mirror glaze and chocolate velvet with no baking experience required. Yet, if you do have certain knowledge, but wish to improve the quality of your work, this video is also for you. You will learn mousse cake essentials, proper textures, temperatures, products integration, all important knowledge to be implemented in making any mousse cake in the future. I have made this video very much informative, but simple, so anyone are able to create magic in their home kitchen. 1. Mirror Glaze: correct cooking process; stabilization; ingredients and coloring; avoiding bubbles; understanding the right consistency; correct application to the cake; possible issues; solutions & recommendations. 2. Mousse Cake: how to achieve soft & light texture and stability at the same time; we will make “white chocolate mousse”, “strawberry confit”, “coconut dacquoise”. 3. Chocolate Velvet: discussing the tool; recipe proportions; avoiding velvet cracking. ☝🏻You are getting unlimited access to the video.

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En plus de leur extérieur fascinant, chaque gâteau est recouvert de combinaisons uniques qui mélangent la mousse à tout, du biscuit aux fruits, en passant par la compote et la crème. Cependant, en raison de leur forme d’anneau trop familière, plusieurs de ses petites confiseries sont d’abord confondues avec des donuts. Mais après une seule bouchée, la différence est nette!

Vous pouvez suivre toutes les aventures de Penkina en vitrage sur sa page Instagram.

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Ksenia Penkina crée des gâteaux miroirs captivants qui dégoulinent dans un glaçage brillant.

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