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I’ve so loved doing book events the past few days and answering your thoughtful questions! I’m still thinking about a lot of them, and they’ve inspired me to work through my responses visually, so I’ll share a few of them here over the next few days: Q: Since graduating from college, I’ve been getting this advice often: “Do what scares you.” What’s your take on that? A: My immediate reaction is “NOPE,” no need to do things that scare you! Life is hard enough! Do pleasant things!! Why must we be uncomfortable to be admirable?? Drawing about my feelings is a wonderfully soothing activity and I don’t get nervous to share online. I don’t know why! It’s just not my particular fear. Same with traveling alone, living abroad, moving to a city where I don’t know anyone. I’m (almost too) comfortable alone so these things don’t happen to scare me. When I moved to South America to teach English right after college, a lot of my friends told me they thought I was really brave. I thought they were brave for taking office jobs! The thought of that was terrifying to me! We all have totally different comfort zones and I think it’s FINE and HEALTHY to stay in yours. You cultivated it for a good reason! I don’t think you have to go outside of that beautiful safe sweet zone to live a rich and meaningful life. I certainly don’t do that myself! But I do try to get toward the edge, you know? Like, I’ve been doing a lot of public speaking lately and it makes me so nervous, but I also enjoy it so much; the two can go hand in hand. Perhaps THAT’S where the magic happens—not the scary barfy uncomfortable place, but the nervous enjoyable jittery pleasant place. I think you’ll know it.

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