Nomnomnomnom : Lauren Ko fait de l’art avec des tartes

Saisissant et brillant qu’on n’en mangerait pas…

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Duck, duck, juice. 🦆 I Blood orange curd tart with honeydew and cantaloupe. A sherbet for curing winter woes. ☀️I I’m not great at internet games of tag (hi, @brianharthoffman! It’s not you, it’s me.), where you share things about yourself, but @julie_jonesuk asked nicely and who am I to deny the lady? And yes, this may LOOK like a picture of a tart, but I swear it’s me! Round, colorful, tart, and a little crispy around the edges. 😅 Here are 4 moderately fun facts and 1 colossal baking fail. 1. I spent all my childhood summers in Honduras, where my grandmother still lives. This is where I acquired my fear of dogs and love of green mango. 🥭 2. I was never an animal person (see #1), but after 11 years, Ben wore me down and now Santi rules our lives. I’m still kind of scared of dogs, so it’s fortunate we opted for a bear. 🐻 3. I bring inclement weather with me everywhere. My first time visiting Portland? Biggest snow storm in 60 years. First winter in Boston? Most snowfall in history. First winter in Seattle? Rainiest winter ever. Where should I go next? 🌬 4. Cauliflower is my nemesis. 🙅🏻‍♀️ 5. I tried to make black pie dough, but instead concocted a concrete grey pie that hulked so hard in the oven, it excreted two poops. Disaster preserved for posterity over @piesgoneawry. It’s a doozy. 💩 #tell5tag5 if you dare: @rezelkealoha, @foodminimalist, @foodie.yuki, @holasus, @husbandsthatcook

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